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Meet Charlotte and Kinsler!

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
I am new to the forum and wanted to formally introduce my cats! Charlotte is the black DSH and Kinsler is the tabby. Both are rescues. Charlotte was one of 4 kittens I rescued from my backyard. The feral I had been feeding had babies in June of 2011. I had her and all the babies spayed and neutered. I kept her and had the other three adopted! Kinsler came to me from my local animal shelter. I was taking some traps back from my most recent TNR run (trap neuter return) and fell in love with his kitten cuteness. It was over from there.

482483_10201665039534856_885524803_n.jpg 524511_4910042835983_672724185_n.jpg 1231473_10200729362223508_861673780_n.jpg 1459341_10201220748707863_734018656_n.jpg
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Bless your soul for taking care of these sweet babies as well as the rest of them! They are both beautiful cats and obviously well loved!


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Aww...they are gorgeous - thanks for sharing! And thanks for taking these wonderful cats into your home!

jungle boy

Savannah Super Cat
There's a place waiting for you in heaven ManthaMeow! You did a good thing!

And those two are simply gorgeous!