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Meet F2 male Siroe


Savannah Kitten
My Bengal buddy, Adam, sadly passed away from kidney failure at 19 1/2 years a few months ago. I was ready for a new companion as I missed him so. I had always wanted a Savannah, and I was in luck that Amanukatz of Ohio had a couple of fresh litters (Connie of Amanukatz, btw, was amazing to work with).

Siroe (pronounced SEE'-roh-ay) was 12 weeks when I picked him up and weighed 5 pounds. Amazingly he has gained a pound every week and now weighs 8 pounds at 15 weeks! He eats twice as much as my two 14 pound dogs, and has gigantic poop (much bigger than my full grown Bengal had and bigger than both my dogs).

I am amazed at how fast he is. I have to be careful walking because he can appear between my feet in a heartbeat and can beat me through any door and up the stairs. After a few days of the dogs chasing him like a toy (he kept up his own), they are now all lovey dovey (most of the time) and like to play (I have a Bichon Frise and a Coton de Tulear).

What has really surprised me the most, is how loveable he is. He loves to cuddle and pushes his body and head into mine and then will just become completely limp on top of me while I'm sitting and while I'm in bed. My Coton loves to play fetch, and he is already trying to out fetch her.

I had him neutered soon after getting him and he tolerated it like a pro.

I look forward to sharing our lives together.

Here he is at 15 weeks
Siroe 15 weeks old.jpg

Lovey dovey with my dogs:

all three pets sleeping.jpg

Here he is at 7 weeks:

Siroe 7 weeks 2.jpg

Here is him at 2 1/2 weeks:

Siroe 2 one half week old 1.jpg

And finally... here is his grandpa Serval:

Serval grandpa 5 (1).jpg


Site Supporter
Welcome! Siroe looks a lot like his grandpa - he's gorgeous! Don't you just love how he HAS to get there (anywhere) first? :roflmao:

Also, 19 1/2 years is an amazing life span, sorry for the loss of your Bengal.


Staff member
Congrats! Siroe is a very handsome boy! Looks like he has settled in well!

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