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Meet Lola


Staff member
Glad the trip wasn't too traumatic on her, sounds like she didn't miss a beat and is already back to her normal mischief!:)


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Lola is continuing to settle in magnificently with Vito and Franco, the three of them are getting on brilliant and we're getting used to their 4am antics running through the house like maniacs, Lola's doing her best to keep up with the boys. They all love wrestling together, where Vito seems to realize that Lola's just a baby and is quite gentle with her, Franco bulldozes into her sending her flying, but guess what , she goes straight back in for more, the little girl is fearless :)
IMG_1931.JPG IMG_1898.JPG


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That's a great pic..

Wish I had 3 or 5 more lol
Anyway they look so small on there lovsac

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