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Meet Senna and Nero


Savannah Super Cat
Its been just about 7 months since I decided that I wanted to make a home for a Savannah Cat. After some ups and downs while searching for the kitten for me I was finally introduced not too long ago to a Golden F2 male and a Melanistic F4 Male via computer from A1 Savannahs. Waiting for these two kittens has been like riding an emotional roller coaster. I've been everywhere between anxiety, nervousness and excitement; all culminating on this last Saturday as I walked into the warehouse sweaty palmed. Let me tell you, the wait was definitely worth it. As I walked around back into where all the animals that arrived were, I saw a line of animal crates. All of which had sounds coming from except one. That's the one I looked into and I saw Senna (F2) and Nero (F4) crouched low, looking around but not making a sound. Senna, the younger of the two by about 2 months, was surrounded by Nero. I signed for them, picked up the crate, and walked them toward the car. The car ride back was pretty much more of the same. They made absolutely NO sound, no panting, no nervous twitching. When we finally got home, I put out the walker and food before I finally let them out. Senna Popped right out purring! He started jumping around his environment exploring. Nero took a few minute to come out, looked around and then went back into the crate for a few more minutes, after which he came out again and took in the environment as well. Fast Forward 1 night and Senna and Nero both slept along my side. They are both so remarkable, Senna won't stop purring. Nero is a bit standoffish sometimes but I haven't pressed him at all. I am so so so happy, and I'm looking forward to giving them a very happy life. And without further ado, I give you Nero and Senna 560296_10100332149232180_1084714643_n.jpg 10970_10100332151807020_1501601925_n.jpg 47029_10100332152360910_1151765234_n.jpg 66601_10100332149721200_46042773_n.jpg 72644_10100332149531580_9902306_n.jpg 525479_10100332150150340_2108398024_n.jpg 560184_10100332151627380_255560923_n.jpg


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Danny they are so adorable! Looks like the wait was worth it ;)

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SV Dad

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I'm thinking we should ban kitten pictures. Every time I see one, I want to go out and get one!;) It would eventually drive up the price of savannah kittens!
Nice kitties!

John Popp

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OK, repeat after me, "All Hail Nero". If it hasn't happened already, that kitten is very soon to be running your household.

Best of luck with that one, Congrats, and I'm incredibly envious.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. I know its super early to speak about any impressions, but it seems like Nero and Senna's personalities are opposite of what I expected. Being an F2, I figured Senna would be more cautious about getting close, but all he wants to do is curl up in a ball on or next to me and purr. Nero on the other hand has explosive energy, he's destroyed a feather toy in less than 30 minutes of play time. Senna on the other hand doesn't seem too interested in playing with toys. He'll sort of pat at something for a bit then turn away and find a comfy place to lay. They are both amazing though, and I'm really happy I'm finally OFFICIALLY part of the Savannah Cat Owner community. :big grin: