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Meet Tango and Cash


Savannah Child
Hello everyone. My name is Darren and I'm new here and thought I would introduce myself and, more importantly, my furry buddies Tango and Cash. Funny thing about the names, like the movie I named the bigger one Tango, turns out I should have lifted their tails and took a peek at their naughty bits because my girl Tango is not keeping up with my boy Cash's growth...oops! Either way they are siblings (already fixed because I'm not about to have some Game of Thrones loving in my house) and I feel that bringing both of them in was the only way to go. I travel some and they keep each other company trying to one up the other on what they can get into and chew up despite having cat trees, cardboard boxes with holes cut in them, and numerous other toys to play with. It's all good though, they are so worth whatever trouble their playful nature gets them into. I've had them several months, they will be eight months old February 6th. I'm not sure what they weigh currently guessing 8-10lbs (not very helpful I know but they've done their time with the vet and I'm not that concerned). They are F5's and I couldn't imagine not having them around now that we've gotten used to each other.

IMG_2391.JPG Shortly after I brought them home.

IMG_2485.JPG Around 4 months old I think, they don't slow down and pose for pictures often.
IMG_2483.jpg When they do slow down they crash out however they lay down.
IMG_2570.JPG They didn't know they were going to the vet to get fixed...
IMG_2669.JPG IMG_2760.JPG I'm not sure how to rotate the last picture but that was this last weekend. Cash heard a noise and was trying to locate it, Tango couldn't be bothered to wake up fully to investigate.


Savannah Child
Thank you. I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw them, but now as I look at the pictures of the many different colors and patterns I want one of each lol. I appreciate the add here as I'm learning a ton just reading through the different questions and forums. There is truly a wealth of information here and I look forward to becoming a better cat companion as I learn.


Savannah Child
Thank you all for the welcome!

A question, I saw something on this site about something to put on cords (modem, phone, lamp, computer speakers, ect) that would deter cats chewing on them, my little buddies have developed an affinity for them as no doubt they are delicious... At any rate, I'm probably posting this in the wrong place (still learning my way around the forum) but I couldn't remember where I read that. Any help would be appreciated:)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
For a single thin cord like your iphone charger, I like Critter Cord, as it is thin, flexible and impregnated with bitter compound. I usually take out of the package and air down in the garage for a week before using though, it smells! But Zari (one of my F5s) is insane about phone charger cords, and this works really well.