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Meet Zazu!


Savannah Super Cat
Lol!!! I love it :)

Congratulations on the new one, I'm so excited for you. She's already training you it seems.

More Pics!!!
Lol!!! I love it :)

Congratulations on the new one, I'm so excited for you. She's already training you it seems.

More Pics!!!
Yep, she is on the job, for sure. She asked for playtime today - my heart melted. Looked at me, tapped the wand, looked at me. I think she'll be a real lover eventually.

More pics, yes! I have to be sly, she doesn't like phones/cameras, lol.
Well, she's proved me wrong, maybe just to be contrary. I really feel we're over the hump now, she came to investigate my coffee mug mid-romp (good grief, not another coffee lover LOL), and chirps when I enter the room instead of hissing. I adore her torso markings - not quite spots, not quite marble.

IMG_4423.jpg IMG_4424.jpg IMG_4425.jpg


Staff member
LOL, she definitely has cattitude, but I'm glad to hear that she is warming up to her new home and family. She is a gorgeous girl, I hope you can post more pics soon!
I have a couple of questions:

Am I feeding her enough? She gets 9oz of wet raw and roughly 1/2 cup of freeze-dried per day, plus a few small treats. Her weight was a little over 4lbs at the beginning of Oct (born Aug 6th), I'd estimate she's about 6lbs now, maybe 7. (Our vet was booked up through the holidays, so we had to wait to get her in this coming week.)

Also, she is panting quite a bit, sometimes with only mild exertion (jumping around on the bed as opposed to doing high speed laps around the room) - do higher gen cats pant due to excitement, as well? She seems fine otherwise, cool nose, no discharge of any kind from anywhere, eats well, etc.


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Since she’s a kitten she should get fed as much as she wants multiple times a day. I’ve had kittens that eat around a pound of raw each per day.
And yes some early gens pant due to stress or excitement.