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Melanistic breeder Savannah's


Savannah Super Cat
Hi I am looking for melanistic females to use as breeders. Does anybody have any F2 melanistic kittens or cats for sale or perhaps an F2 with the melanistic gene?

Trish Allearz

Um, I don't know of any nice Mels with rights off the top of my head. Brigitte has a nice girl, but I think she's pet only. Otherwise, remember, a good breeder is going to need to know a lot more about your program than just that you have money.

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Staff member
Hi Cate, do you have a cattery and/or a website? I don't have any mel F2s but I have a mel F4 and another F4 whose parents both carry for mel. I wasn't planning on selling either of them right now but would consider it if going to the right home. If you're interested you can email me privately at