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Melanistic Pro Pics (and BST)

Trish Allearz

Hi Everyone!

Hattie became a Champion her first weekend out as an adult :) Since I never take pictures of her (black cats and me- we don't do well with photos!)- I thought I'd share :) The amazing Diana Starr took these- love her!

Also- this is Jace or AllEarz In My Laughing Place (points for whomever knows the reference). He is going to one day replace his Daddy here...

(And we ALWAYS get a personality pic when we get professional photos- Hattie is a clown!)


  • hattie_IMG_0650_web.JPG
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  • hattie_IMG_0656_web.JPG
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  • hattie_IMG_0652_web.JPG
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  • jace_IMG_0683_web.JPG
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