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MetPet Walking Jacket


Savannah Super Cat
This is a review of the MetPet Walking jacket.

I have tried multiple harnesses and holsters for my cats and this is the only one I've never had a cat get out of. I've tried one's from the pet store, and the Kitty Holster velcro jacket.

I use the standard soft sided version. It keeps my kitties secure and allows me to control them when walking and they don't seem to struggle very much with this. It was amazing the first time I used this on our cat he finally walked down the condominium stairs on his own which he had never done with any other harness. It's very secure and adjustable, easy to wipe down, and I feel safe with the straps being secured.

I recommend this product to everyone I talk to who is interested in leash training their kitties.


Staff member
Thanks for the review...I never looked at these jackets before, but will do so now ;)

Green eyed kitty

Mystique the dog/cat;Seraphimah spunky kitty
Those are sweet! The only type of harnesses I can find in stores are the double straps. These look a lot more comfortable then what I have found. Or when I go to a pet store and ask for a cat harness/ walking coat. I get told they don't make them for cats, only dogs. I guess I could sew one for Mystique? I have found puppy clothes that fit her, but not a harness walking coat type of item? My husband said I should start making them and selling them online.


Savannah Super Cat
Forgot to mention this thing is SO easy to put on and take off. I start with the neck strap which is basically like a collar, and from there it's so easy to get the rest of it around his body. He actually patiently waits while I strap him in, and when we come home and lets me unsnap him which takes like 5 seconds.

Here's a pic :



Site Supporter
Thanks for posting this. We bring our kitten home tomorrow and have been looking around for the safest walking jacket


Staff member
MetPet's jacket was the first one I ever bought and I hated it. The plastic clips were hard to push to get the jacket off. It was difficult to adjust the jacket to fit the cat. I love JoyKatz jackets. Won't use anything else.