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Milk=Upset Tummy


Savannah Super Cat
This morning we were running late for work/daycare & forgot that I left Elijah's small cup of milk on the table.
Luckily we have hardwood floors & not carpet, because our oh so curious Kovu knocked it over & no doubt ingested some.
The house smelled of poo terribly (I just cleaned his box last night) so I went to check it & there was LOTS of diarrhea. :(
Is there anything I can do to help settle his tummy? And if the diarrhea continues, when would I need to be concerned about dehydration?

-Sorry, its been awhile since I've owned a cat, let alone let a cat have milk (at least it was organic & not pumped full of hormones? lol).


Savannah Super Cat
I recommend not feeding anything for the rest of the day. Tonight, feed a little rice and boiled chicken, or if you are near a vet, purchase some Hill's ID for intestinal upset canned and feed just a little, then a little in the am as needed until his diarrhea is resolved. A huge digestive blow that doesn't clear up will need to be treated and can lead to pancreatitis. So make sure you keep an eye on his stools. Some cats can tolerate a little milk, some not at all.


Savannah Super Cat
I've never been a fan of giving cats/kittens cow milk. Go figure mine would accidentally get some. :( Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have rice in the rice cooker right now so that works perfect.


and his servant, Paul
+1 on the canned pumpkin. My Bengals have fragile digestive tracks (tracts? idk), and as such they've been eating pumpkin for 4+ years now.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks guys. I'm just gave him a little bit of rice & boiled chicken & he ate it up. Elijah is pretty much ready for bed, so if Kovu is still having tummy issues in the morning I'll run to the store & get some canned pumpkin & give that a try.
I've always given milk to my domestics and Zeus can't get enough of it. What am I missing? I will discontinue giving to him if there is reason he shouldn't have?


Staff member
Rob, most cats are lactose intolerant, so milk causes tummy upsets, including diarrhea. Now if you give raw milk, that is a different story.
You learn something new every day, thank you. If Zeus hasn't had any issue with it so far, is it ok to continue to allow him to have some? "I dig for treasures" in his cat box daily (clean it), one of Zeus' favorite activities to help with. He thinks it's great fun to attack the scooper as I'm digging (how I digress, sorry). Where I'm going is he hasn't had any issue with milk at all.