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Minion help! A tooth!


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Trish is correct about cooked chicken bones - they are brittle and splinter, and if swallowed can perforate the esophagus, stomach, or bowel. Have you tried feeding raw? One of the ways I get my cats to try something new is to sprinkle crumbs of freeze dried chicken (commonly referred to as kitty crack) over the top - usually works like a charm.


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:( sharks teeth.jpg

Rafiki had "shark teeth" for a while. Her adult fangs came in but her baby fangs had not fallen out. It was too cute! It's a bit blurry but you can sort of see the bottom ones in this photo. I was hoping to find them when they fell out but never did.:(


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Rafiki is adorable! I never found any of Zeddie's. My mom found one and threw it out while I was at work:eek:


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Awww you are so lucky to find a tooth. Mine grew in and lost all four of her canines last weekend, boy was she in a bad mood :) It was obvious whenever she popped one out though. She would be chewing vigorously and suddenly stop and sit up and I would her her crunch and swallow.....