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Minion is angry?


Savannah Super Cat
So we brought Minion home yesterday. For the most part she is doing really well, very friendly and playful. She doesnt seem to want to eat the wet food we put out, but I heard her munching on the dry food several times last night.

My question is that every so often she stops playing or napping and starts running through the apartment making a very demanding/angry sounding meow. Her ears are up & forward, and her tail is held high. I think she is looking for other cats. She came from a household with seven other kittens, so this is her first time really being alone. Every so often she will come over to be held or petted while she does this, but after a few seconds she will jump down and go back to running around meowing. But its so angry sounding. Its the same meow she made when I tried to clip her nails. Has anyone else seen something similar?


Site Supporter
Spar seems to still look for his litter mates and aunts and uncles. We have had him since July and we also have his sister, which is a HUGE help. They adore each other, but if Spar goes to the vet or anywhere else, when he gets home he runs from room to room meowing. Not angry, but calling. Clearly looking for something. I assume the rest of his family. Breaks my heart that this is still going on, even with his sis here. She does not do this and seems very happy. Have other members experienced this? I thought it would have stopped by now but it hasn't. He also gets very restless at times and runs from room to room and door to door seeking something. Some of this is bird watching , but at times I think he is looking for his missing family members. Has anyone else dealt with this 5 mos in? I understand your distress about Minion. It would make me feel terrible as well.

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
Sounds like you need another Savannah! (hehe.. I kid, I kid ... for now). I agree, though, she probably misses her buddies and she's calling out to them. We've heard it here. Have patience and give that baby plenty of attention. :)


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D (Diablo our F5 boy) cried for almost a 11 months on and off. Pre-arrival sister LeeLoo and brother No. 1 Jarvis didn't cure it. Baby brother No. 2, Mickey, strangely enough, did. Mickey was purchased to address my sadness when we had to give LeeLoo to our Aunt Pat because I was reacting badly to her dander- and yet he is the peacemaker in our house.


Savannah Super Cat
She's calmed down with the angry meowing. Now she just does the usual sad cry whenever one of us leaves the apartment. She also LOVES to lick the underside of our noses. We have let her for now, to encourage bonding, but both our noses are getting a little raw due to the rough kitty tongue. She also wakes us up every night by sitting on our chests and licking the nose. But boy, does she have a little rumbler in her when she is happy!