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Miss Saga Pic

Trish Allearz

See- Miss Saga says she's still perfect even with a slightly shorter tail! Fits the show standard better :) (ROFL)

She's still looking for a pet home- I know- I can't believe it either!


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Trish Allearz

Saga is sooo pretty, sigh. You must still be in shock.

I would loved to have seen her at shows.
Me too, Pam!!! Darn cats and their brattiness!

So instead, we are taking Hattie and Sansa this weekend. I will rotate the two girls (Sansa/Cersei) until they find their homes... Then it will be Hattie and Jace :) (I have no fear of taking Jace a bit later to shows- he is very much his Father's son and nothing will harsh his mellow ;) ;) )