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Mom getting help outside

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Yes that is Loki the devil kitten but he is angel most of the time. He has turned out to be the bigest handful so far out of all the cats I have ever had. So when people ask me if an f2 is harder to deal with I tell them that my f6 SBT jumps higher then my f5's and is faster than them also so they dont calm down as the farther you get from an F1 or F2 in my eyes. I love the SV's so much the way they act like children and loyal like a dog. I am getting another Kitten from my breeder friend same one I got Loki from but an F3. The mother F2 puts out some pretty kittens. I am looking to get a yellow or golden or smoke and or black I kind of am going for one of each color. I just love all the colors of the SV's