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Mona is here!!


Savannah Super Cat
I keep forgetting to post over here!

Mona is here. She is out of isolation and met all of her siblings yesterday and is amazing. She really is a perfect fit. Here is a video of her playing. It's a little long but I thought it was a nice way to show her markings, they are insane to me. Oh special guest appearance from nala my f4 chausie. As you can see, she, as all of them are not to bothered by Mona :)


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Have a wonderful day!


Staff member
Love her pattern! It made me dizzy watching all her swirls & stripes go round 'n round. And Nala, LOL, walks through, looks at kitten as though thinking "oh, it's still here", nonchalantly saunters off.