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Monthly Themes



What do you all think about having a theme every month where we show off a certain aspect of our Savannahs? We do this on some other forums I am on and it is always really fun and interesting! For example, one month might be "ears" so we all post pictures that show off our cat's ears the best. Other themes of course could be legs, eyes, tails, noses, etc. And then some other themes can be action type of things, like "funny habits" and you might snap a pic of your SV dragging a foreign object!

I think it would be a fun monthly tradition to start if anyone else would want to participate.

Anyone want to start one for this month? Go ahead and post a new thread in the Photos section with the title as the theme you pick!

(I would have posted this in the photos section, but I am not actually putting any photos up yet. Mods feel free to move this thread elsewhere if you feel I posted this in the wrong area!)


I like that idea a lot, gives kind of a fun project or homework to find just the right photo, or follow the cats around trying to wait for them to do what you want :p lol

Then afterwards it brings on fun comparison, discussion, and compliments for any trait or features of the month.


Savannah Super Cat
I love that idea. On instagram (iPhone app photo community) there are always contests for certain Inge like that. Great idea :)