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Moody cats? Got a second job.


Savannah Super Cat
I know savannahs are moody but geez. This is more a rant/pout.

My husband picked up a second full time job and needless to say my boys who were more bonded to him and are showing him that they don't like daddy working so much. I now am the one to get cuddles and love and they actually snubbed him when he got home last night. Whip refused to play with him which is a first in 2 years (besides when he'd swallowed the toy and was sick) I'm also know the morning person to be kneeded untill I get out of bed its funky.

We hadn't even thought about how a 630pm wake up when I get home vs used o be 430 for the husband would change the boys bedtime too.

Welp, do you think the boys will adjust? I don't mind the extra love, but my guy was a bit upset with the cats suddenly not being his best buds.


Staff member
The boys will probably adjust. Hubby needs to set aside special one-on-one time with the boys each day so that they know they are still special to him :)


Savannah Super Cat
Yeah that is the hard part, alone time. He works/commutes leaves 6:30am and gets home at 10:30/11 pm so setting aside time is hard when he only is home enough to really sleep, and when he gets home the kitties are in bed for the night already with me. He played some this morning before he went into work but we will have to see. He just started working thursday night all the time though so the boys haven't had much time to adjust yet.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Oh that is a HARD schedule for your husband :-( Yes, cats can be stinkers and "punish" you for not being there to play with them like that. If my husband goes away on a work trip, he gets the cold shoulder for a couple days on his return...and I am the special one because I stayed home with them. They get over it, so hopefully your cats will relax a bit and accept the new schedule.

I can see how it is hard to find time to play with the cats...maybe just being the one that feeds them in the morning will be better, or as you say if he can find a little time to play in the morning before leaving. It may take time to find the right schedule...


Savannah Super Cat
I give Jason props for the hard hours, but poor babies must be so confused. At least they have you :)


Savannah Super Cat
Interesting post. I'm wondering how Kovu is going to react when Glenn comes home from deployment. If he'll be like "Oh. Em. Geee! YOU'RE HOME!" Or if he'll be like "Where have you been? You left me alone with the girl & the crazy boy!"

He is used to Glenn being gone for a week or so at a time but now that its been nearly 2 weeks, I think he is starting to notice. He just aimlessly walks around the house meowing & he'll sit by the door meowing. I thought maybe he wanted to go out, but when I took him outside he just plomped down on the porch & just laid there.


Savannah Super Cat
Omg whips a jerk. Haha

So hubby would try to use stick toys to play, whip would lay there. Id grab same toy and he'd go nuts playing.

Guess mommy has new job in the household.