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Moving with F2 Savannah

Hi all,

I know these are pretty generic questions, but could use everyone's assistance if at all possible. I will be (eventually) moving in with my boyfriend, who has a dog, and I would like a couple of suggestions on how to go about it with my F2, Kyra. Kyra is a rescue and has been with me for just over 2 years now (she's ~2 1/2 years old), and what my boyfriend and I would like to do is bring her with me over to his house for weekends to begin with. His dog (also a rescue, a mix of Icelandic sheep dog and shepherd) is good with cats (his mother has 5 domestic cats).

So, question 1 is: any suggestions on the do's and don'ts? Please keep in mind that we both work during the week, so weekends are best when it comes to timing.
Question 2 is: any brands of flea/tick medicine that are a definite yes or no for Kyra? I will not be bringing her over until she has something, because it's not fair to either animal to put them at risk.

Thank you ahead of time.....

David Z

Site Supporter
It would probally be best to intruduce the 2 on Kyra's turf first. That way she's not stressed from travel and stressed from a new environment. She will feel more secure in her current home and might come around quicker to meeting her new friend she didnt relize she had.


Staff member
I would plan on short visits to start with and just in one room. Start by keeping Kyra in her crate so that she is 'protected' from the pup, and keep the pup on a leash so that he doesn't get too close to the crate. Once she seems calm in his presence you can open the door to the crate but continue to keep the pup on a leash, or put him on the other side of the door with a screen door or dog barrier and give her a chance to come out and explore. Just as when bringing a new cat to your home, I would continue to use just one room until she is comfortable there before introducing her to the rest of the house.

Moving in with your boyfriend is introducing several stressors, not just one - she is moving into a new home, having to get used to a dog, and having to get to know new people. Be sure to give her as much time as she needs to be able to settle in - it could take weeks or even longer for her to become comfortable in her new home.

I use selamectin (Revolution) because it kills a multitude of critters, including fleas, worms, and mites which my Highlanders are prone to because of their curled ears) and it is very safe for cats.