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Mr. Grimm learns piano.


Savannah Child
So a friend of mine thought it would be cute to hide a little cat treat in between the black keys of this little piano. That was weeks ago and like this vid, Mr Grimm has been playing ever since. (Damn you Trevor!) He learned that by pressing the keys the hammers inside the piano move and he finds that very amusing. So now in the wee hours of the night I'm woken up to creepy little piano notes. Smart cat, thought you guys would get a kick out of the vid. :)

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I have several pianos here, but none that do that! OMG that would be awesome, to play a duet with Duma!!! What a great idea!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Love the video! I'd be creeped out too, hearing tinkly, ghostly toy piano notes in the middle of the night!