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My alarm clock Sage


Site Supporter
Lol. Sage (my pouncer ) is our F1, he turned one last month. Sierra (the one by the TV) is our F3. (Sierra looks much bigger than she is in this video) This is Sages ritual in the morning. When Sage is up, everyone has to be up. He starts by chirping/meowing all over the house to get us up. If that doesn't work... He tips our water sippy cups, knocks down anything on the night stand, jumps up high on the dresser. Dan has all of his running pendants/metals hanging neatly on the wall. They become a chiming instrument. I raise my voice saying no/stop it, bam, he pounces the bed (not me) . Does it all over again till I get up. He's not even hungry, just wants company.


Staff member
Hate that when it shocks me awake from a dead sleep! So glad I don't have any pouncers that sleep with at night anymore!

John Campbell

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Staff member
Never saw him... I too was watching the wrong cat.... Devious Thought.... Need to show the video to Atticus.. He needs some new ideas! WitcheyWitcheyWitchey