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My baby loves to lick


Savannah Super Cat
My baby girl is 19 weeks old today and she is a total love bug! She purrs the instant you pick her up. Doesn't really want to be held but will cuddle. One of her favorite things to do is lick me or my daughter. She kicks my hands, my arms and my face. She is so sweet purring happily as she does so nibbling occasionally. She will also speak at times. It gets worse when she wants to eat, lol. Just wondering if this is normal loving behavior or something I need to keep an eye on?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's not typical for a SV kitten to want to lick all the time, but I am not sure if it is problematic or not. I think some cats do groom more obsessively, and I think for your kitten she is seeing you like another cat to groom? My F1 Missy is a tad obsessive about grooming the other cats in the household. Maybe she would do that to me if she thought I'd hold still for it.


Savannah Super Cat
My Loki bear groomed me a lot when I first got him settled into the house but then the grooming a became more and more scarce now it's more like hell use me as a perch or a paw rest when he grooms then when he finishes come over and groom me. Or will wake me up by cleaning my face. Usually once every day I get some love. Perhaps it's just a kitten quirk some have? And some just grow out of it? Using it as a stage of bonding perhaps?

"Those who wander aren't always lost"


Staff member
This sounds a bit obsessive, but I can't see that there's any harm in it - if she's not licking other objects it sounds like she is just showing you love and affection.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Kilifi will lick me any time she is lying down and I come over to her and pet her. She is also kind of OCD about grooming herself. But that is not a bad thing in my opinion. She has a sweet smell, and the softest fur.


Site Supporter
Rafiki is OCD about grooming herself, Jammu and us. She almost always greets us with a quick little lick. The only weird thing that she licks is the hubby's deodorant - either on him or on a t-shirt.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
It is his "scent". She likes it. Either that or she is saying," Man you stink. Gotta wash that stuff off." LOL


Savannah Super Cat
Of my two Savannahs and my DSH, they will groom one another quite a bit, but it is Yuki that will still sometimes groom my head till I am soggy. They all occasionally lick my arm or fingers briefly to show affection.


Savannah Super Cat
Both of my boys like to lick. Jengo doesn't do as much as he used to but still likes to give kisses. Bizley is always up for a nose bump and a little kissing. I just thought Savannah's were groomers. I've always looked at it is as being a part of their pack. Jengo over groomed when he arrived but nothing too awful. This morning both boys groomed for a long time before snuggling with me. I figure they ,ought do this around each other first when in close contact to maintain their own "scent" around each other, especially in close contact. Bizley will try to groom Jengo but that usually doesn't get him far.

As for doing it around feeding time, well in my experience there is nothing friendlier than a hungry Savannah. They will pour on their charm to get what they want. And it works every time. I get lots of cuddles and rubs when they are hungry. It's pretty funny.