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My Beautiful F3

Hello everybody! This is my first post here on this forum and I can't wait to get started. I got my wonderful Savannah a little over two months ago. She is a little monster, she goes around and constantly is trying to get into something or steal a tube of chap stick. My girlfriend has lost at least "5" tubes to Zuri. We have no idea where she takes them but one day we will find them! We have loved every second of our wonderful Savannah and we are thinking about adding another to our family once we move to a new place. Below are just a few pictures I have taken so far (she is very cute when she is sleeping). I can't wait until the weather warms up here in NC so we can take her outside for walks with the dog we have.

2013-02-21_17-07-41_914.jpg 2013-02-25_20-42-15_412.jpg 2013-02-27_16-03-24_500.jpg 2013-02-27_17-26-16_306.jpg 2013-02-27_18-10-25_342.jpg 2013-03-01_15-08-34_763.jpg 2013-03-04_18-26-35_962.jpg
Haha she is constantly trying to jump on top of something. She loves to just lay around with me whenever I am being lazy. She is absolutely perfect! I am so glad I got her. She is so sweet to every animal she comes in contact with, there was no adjustment period when we introduced her to the dog. They both opened up to eat other right away. The vet we go to said she was the sweetest Savannah she had ever seen. She said most Savannah's she had seen were very temperamental.


Staff member
Welcome brad! I have a Zuri also ;) She is a tad temperamental, but a love just the same...

Your Zuri is a pretty girl and I'm glad to hear she brings you so much joy!!!

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
..... The vet we go to said she was the sweetest Savannah she had ever seen. She said most Savannah's she had seen were very temperamental.
I have heard this many times, including a couple of local vets. After they meet MY savannahs, the opinion takes a 180 turn and they become fans of the breed. (One vet at a time!)

Nice looking kitty! Try to start playing fetch. These cats really enjoy mental stimulation.
Haha yes, one at a time! Everybody in the vets office just stopped and stared as we took her out of the carrier. She was not shy at all, she ran up to everybody trying to get them to play with her. I am so glad I got a Savannah, now nothing else can compare to how magnificent they are.

I try to play fetch with her, but she always runs off with the toy and bats it around the floor. Is there anyway to teach her to bring it back?

She handles a harness very well, but sometimes she just shuts down and won't move. Is there anyway to teach her to keep moving forward?