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My Calico colored little girl! :)


Savannah Adult
Just thought I'd post pictures of my cute little Calico girl. Her name is LaFawnduh. My brother named her... for anyone that has seen Napoleon Dynamite you might have giggled.

I've always sworn she has something in her bloodline that gives her so much energy and personality.

She follows me to bed every night and tags along in everything I do. If I'm sitting on my laptop she'll come over and tap me on the leg until I look down at her and she'll meow at me as if I know what she's telling me.

I'm currently staying in a student accommodation while I go to school... miss that little booger! She's staying with my parents.

The sink made the best cat bed and the camera made the best toy!!

"Please! No pictures yet, I'm barely even awake!!"

Suitcases: you think they are filled with clothes... but actually Narnia hides inside.

The only way she likes to sit... I don't even know. hahaha!

She will do whatever it takes to fit into ANY box, ANY size.

Boxes: fun. Windows: Awesome. BOXES IN WINDOWS? AWESOME FUN!

Diamonds? NO! Balloons are a girl's best friend :)

"Where's MY dinner"

"YAY! I was so afraid that my other human (they call him Dad, Dewayne, or supper's ready) used THIS box for ebay, too!"

"My vet is so great! He gives me a free cat bed whenever I buy twelve yummy cans of food!"
Seriously... her favorite place to sleep is in the cat food boxes hahaha!


Savannah Adult

Doing a little human watching with Aunt Sammi the Siamese!

An ambush waiting to happen!

And one of my mom's Siamese... she sleeps like such a dork.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's Supercat!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Cute pics :) LaFawnduh looks full of character and personality, and you captured it well :)

I bet you do miss her....


Animal Communicator
Great pictures and captions! Lafawnduh is so do you call her with a straight face? :p