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My cat chewed ..... Insert you answer here


Site Supporter
What has your cat chewed?

Bella had a tast for or all things Door Knobs.
Yes that is right I said Door Knobs.



Staff member
Emma has a thing about chewing on my fingers - not pleasant at all because she really wants to chew them!


Site Supporter
Bunny fur - if she gets a hold of her bunny hop wand toy, she will chew until she rips the strips off and then swallows them. she is also sometimes fond of toes and knee caps at 5 am.


Staff member
The finials on the lamps
rubber handle on the Vitamix
corners of all the cabinets in kitchen & laundry room


Site Supporter
Flip flops, purse handles, most leather items are attractive. We thought he was teething at first, 2 years later he is still at it.


Savannah Super Cat
Targa - My phone case (It's part rubber) and my hair and blankets
Turbo - his toys and sister