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My cat just barked


Savannah Super Cat
I stalk here fairly often, and finally decided to join.

After my 11 month old savannah barked at me.

Three times.

She chirps on very rare occasions, but this was a first. Still a little surprised by it.

Ps, ours is "Mango" a F2 female.heres a pic of her woth our 4 uear old.


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Staff member
Well they are frequently described as "dog like"….:big grin: Mine bark too, usually when they are very very excited or exceptionally annoyed.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Welcome Mandyloo AND Mango. What two beautiful girls you have there. Mango is a good sized girl. Well, since she is the size of a dog, she should bark. ;)
LOVE the picture.


Animal Communicator
You have to upload your video elsewhere (usually Youtube) and then post the link. Mine barked once


Savannah Super Cat
Awe, thank you, carykid! Those two have a very special relationship for sure. IM excited to see just how big Mango gets! She's just under a year and already about 15-16 pounds, with a shoulder rise nearly to my knees. On hind legs alone she's nearly 3 feet. Here's a few more of our furbaby.

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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Welcome Mandyloo and Mango...glad you quit lurking and joined us !

Both of your girls are beautiful :)

I once videotaped an F5SBT kitten barking...but lost it when my old computer crashed :( It was soooo cute.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
What Pam said. I so agree. Cats and kids. Your Mango is a lot bigger than my Great grandson....For now... ;)