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my F2 just peed all over girlfriend and i in bed


Savannah Super Cat
Savannah is a F2 female. She has never peed outside the liter box. She just peed all over me and girlfriend in bed. We have a down comforter. She gets tons of interactive play time. She was doing her usual attack out feet this morning at 4am. Then came back and peed all over in between us on the comforter. OMG. Please help. what should I do?

MK Anderson

I just posted on savannah cat on FB too. I would get rid of the down and get a new one that is not down and see

John Popp

Site Supporter
First question, is has she been spayed? If she has has there been any changes to her environment? Sounds like it's possibly territorial marking and there might be an outdoor cat in the neighborhood and she's hunkering down the place she fills safest.

Down comforters are also a pretty easy target because their softness can be reminiscent of the give in of the litter in their box. Also, if she only has a single litter box might be a good idea to add a second closer to your bedroom. She just might have been a bit confused and found close remedy to her full bladder.

Make sure you wash the comforter with an Enzyme washer detergent. Tide Coldwater liquid is a good off the shelf product with 3 or 4 enzymes to get rid of any lingering odors. Anti Icky Poo is always the best bet, just generously spray the effected area, let stand for a few hours and wash as normal. Don't trust any of the urine removal sprays you find at the pet store as they are generally a waste of money and don't work well.

Hope that helps!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Also, I just noted that you have multiple cats. Make sure the number of litter boxes available is equal to the number of cats plus one.

With the details provided, it sure sounds like territorial marking but it could be any number of things and there is plenty of good information here on putting together suitable litter boxes to keep these kinds of issues at bay as well as make it easy for you to keep after them.