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My F4 girl is using Litter Robot

Ib Thomsen

Savannah Kitten
My F4 girl is using the Litter Robot.... :)

When Litter Robot starts to rotate i have increased the speed.. normal rotation time is 2,5 minute



Staff member
Well that was pretty cool! I'm a bit amazed that your girl could fit in there, even cooler! :up:

Ib Thomsen

Savannah Kitten
The black gate are an addon to the litter robot, so that litter is not kicked out and also makes the cat fully enters the litter robot

My F4 is only 6½ month old and I don't know for how long she will be able to use it, but I had the Litter Robot to my other cat (normal house cat).


Staff member
I have two litter robots so will have to look into that
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