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my f4 just got outside and i cant find him


Savannah Super Cat
hey guys my f4 gahnja "see profile pic" just gout outside and i havent been able to find him in about an hour...will these cats stick around where they get fed? or am i out alot of money? =*( i live int he country and am surrounded by land and trees but im really worried he wont come back..advice? tips?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
You need to get back out now and keep looking. Call his name loudly, or "kitty, kitty"...whatever works to get his attention. Take along a wand toy he likes to catch his attention, and some of his favorite food or treats. I am sure he is scared and hiding nearby; check all outbuildings, trees, bushes, under cars, etc. Have others help you. Best of luck and keep us posted!


Staff member
Don't stop looking and calling for him...he may be really scared and still be there a favorite food he likes...put something really smelly out for him to find...put something with your smell on it outside...

be sure to keep looking and especially at night...PLEASE let us know what happens...and I'm sure others will jump in here.


Savannah Super Cat
i will thanks guys! im actually posting from my phone so i am far as him bieng scared i know thats not the case the cat is obsessed with outdoors and exploring =/ im leaving him his smelly food outside and his water bowl too...i have let him run around and play in the back yard before lots of times but he was supervised. are those cats territorial tho? if i cant find him just hanging out somewhere will they generally come back to there home? im so upset! =(

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
He may or may not come back on his own. This is why cats, especially Savannahs should not be allowed free run outdoors, even if supervised. They often will catch sight of something that catches their eye...a bird, a butterfly...and go off chasing it.....

Keep looking, even when it's dark. You'll need a flashlight then to look for glowing eyes.

Fingers crossed you find him before then....

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
When he gets hungry, he will most probably find his way back home. Mayhem went on a walkabout for 8 hours. Came home at 9:15pm. He was hungry.

Green eyed kitty

Mystique the dog/cat;Seraphimah spunky kitty
Do you have any toys Gahnja plays with with bells in them, or that make noise? Maybe take that with you when you are calling your cat. Hopefully Gahnja comes home. Keep us posted...


I am so sorry to hear he got away. He must not have been leashed? Is your cat neutered?
I saw someone on craigslist trying to find their savannah "Duma" over in Graham... Apparently he got away too. :(