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my f4 just got outside and i cant find him


Staff member
YAY!!!! I am so happy for you and little G!!! PLEASE do get that GPS, just in case...

John Popp

Site Supporter
BTW, a tip for taking him outside as prescribed by others here. When your cat goes in or out an exit way, make sure it's under your arm and your power. That way they start getting used to the way they get outside is when you take them out. Has worked great for us and as opposed to bolting for the door, our cat now sits there waiting for us to take him out.


Well good news! little G came back! he was just playing on my doorstep this morning. when I opened the door and saw him he just flipped over on his back and made me rub his belly lol little punk...yeah I'm going to go hi tech and get him a GPS collar I can track off my phone just in case....I'm also building an outdoor habitat he can play in without getting loose. Ill upload a picture of him to assure everyone hes ok but thanks for the good advice guys I did pretty much everything that was suggested lol!
Omg thank goodness!!!! I would wait until you have a secure habitat before letting him outside again.....
Funny thing, my cat got loose last night as well. Flipped right out of her harness and took off.... Thankfully she hid in the nearby bushes and I was able to grab her while she was distracted by a neighbor's kitty....
Lesson of the day: no more adventures outside! Unless you have something cat proof to contain them! :)