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My Fierce Lil Kitty At 7 Months And 10 Lbs.


Savannah Super Cat
The first picture is what Mango thinks of the vet :)


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Awww, Mango is sooo cute, even when he is complaining about being at the vet's! :in love:


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks, Patti! The complaining photo is actually Mango in mid-yawn. But it looked so funny like he was a fierce little cat that I had to post it! However, he WAS like that at the vet :eek:
I bet they were glad to see us go...he has white coat syndrome too :)


Savannah Super Cat
Mango's first snow. He didn't stay out for too long, but he thought the white "bugs" in the sky were neat...until he got cold.

mangsnow1.jpg mangsnow2.jpg snowypaw.jpg


Savannah Super Cat
Indeed! Mango is a big love bug when he's in a lovey mood, but he is a naughty little trouble-maker when he's feeling spunky!
He gets his sweet look from his mama; his naughty streak must be from his daddy-o.

When we went to pick Mango up from the breeder, we were glad to meet the mom and dad. We had never seen a serval up close. It was really neat to see how gorgeous he is in person. Now my husband wants to get a serval kitten one day....I think for now our hands are full with Mango!


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Check to be sure it is legal to own a Serval as a pet before you try. MOST places it is not. And they are a lot more to deal with than a Savannah. Just sayin'. ;)