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My first head butt and puffy tail greeting!


Savannah Super Cat
All of you who said just wait were oh so right! In the short time I have had her, we have gone through the following stages:

1. Don't talk to me, look at me or even dream about touching me. But make sure that food bowl is full and here are my favorite raw dishes...

2. Ok fine, I will play a little with you and you can talk to me. If you insist, I will eat the Scooby snacks from your hand (halo freeze dried chicken), but no touching me!

3. Thanks for letting me have this big part of the bed! Lets play fetch! Now, fetch! How about now? Now? Fine. You can pet me. Just a little though. Oh wait, that feels sort of nice, I feel like purring!

She has been letting me pet her when she initiates it and has instapurr working. Her reaction today has never happened, though! When I walked in the door from work she came flying off her cat tree and with fluffy tail up RAN full speed into my leg purring louder than I have ever heard! She let me pet her a good 10 minutes. Then she ran and brought me her ball! I am not sure if it was an intentional head butt or she was going so fast she couldn't stop, but I am giving it the benefit of the doubt!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Sounds like good steady progress :)

You've obviously done all the right things and given her the time for her to decide on her own that you are a good human and respond to your love... just the way it should be!


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
The puffy Serval tail is quite cool! It's amazing how compact it is when not inflated ;). --dj