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My kitten is ravenous, it's an SV thing too


Loyal Servant
So, I thought taking a 5.5oz can split 3 ways, 3 times per day would be enough to sustain everyone.

That's turning out to be insufficient. :roflmao: I've learned Isis' language when she's hungry from the way she meows instead of gargles and have now started a 4th meal at night.

The little piglet has zero heft to her meaning that she's a rail and is consuming between 8-9oz per day. This is more than what my adults are eating and it's most likely just growing kitty and SV to boot.

I just wanted to share that and chuckle a little. She's getting an updated weight today when she gets her FLV booster and I scarcely believe she will be any heavier than pre-labroscopic spay. I feel she is probably back up to her previous weight and it will be a couple of months to see how she develops.

Time to order teething rings and toys ASAP, my fingers, extremities under the blankets, are not meant for this and she keeps making 1 or 2 attempts to nibble before I shoo or push or move her away with a sharp NO!

I did brush her little teeth this AM and she enjoyed chewing on the brush on all sides of the mouth. CET toothpaste for the win.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I suspect SVs might eat more than the average domestic kitty just because they are on the high energy side of the kitty spectrum. Abys probably need more food too... when a cat is more active they burn more calories hence need more food...makes sense. And then yes, a growing kitten is going to need more fuel to grow too!