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My kitten LOVES uncooked whole wheat dough. Why?


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I know grain is not supposed to be good for cats, and all the cat food I buy is grain free. These days getting Moggie to eat anything other than dry Orijen Chicken for cats and kittens is difficult. Occasionally he still will eat a spoonful of the canned cat food he loved before I tried him with Orijen, and he will eat a bit of canned salmon or tuna when I am having this, or cooked chicken.

But he has a new favorite which just seems strange. I usually make unleavened organic whole wheat flat bread for lunch and the other day he got totally intent on nibbling all the leftover bits off my fingers. All it is is whole wheat flour and water. This happened again today, so I offered him a couple 1/2 a pea sized bits to see what he would do and he gobbled them up like they were better than salmon. After it is cooked he has never shown any interest.

Any ideas what is going on?

Have decades of canned cat food with grain made it so maybe my kitten needs a bit of grain in his diet? Do cats in the wild munch on a bit of raw grain? Is it maybe that it is stuck on my fingers that is so exciting?

Remi's Mommy

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Cats of any kind cannot digest grain . It leads to all kinds of problems down the road. I don't know if you tried raw which is the absolute best for cats or dogs. Also the next best would be freeze dried, which I have never seen a cat resist. Orijen cat kitten is probably the best dry food going these days. The thing with dry is it puts them into a dehydrated state. Most of the food is swallowed hole which bloats their stomach and intestines.

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I have never tried him with raw. I will read up on feeding cats raw chicken and see how he likes it. Maybe the strong desire to eat raw flatbread dough is some form of cat pica? He hasn't shown any interest in eating any other non food items. I just gave him 2 very tiny bits of the dough( not stuck on my fingers) to see if that was really what he was loving... Apparently it is. As I know grain is bad for cats I won't be feeding it to him though...

Brigitte Cowell

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I've had Savannahs that had what I term a carb fetish, one would steal bread of any sort but also was known to steal a bag of dried macaroni and I found her chomping on that! I don't think it a need, just like we don't need a lot of things we crave and eat/drink.


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Thanks for the suggestions. There is a wholeistic pet store in town that may have some prepared raw frozen cat food or treats, but as long as Moggie is reasonably happy with the Orijen & a bit of good quality canned, I probably won't be grinding up all the parts to make this myself. If it was really important to his well being I would, but for now he seems to be flourishing. He is probably already supplememting his diet with raw mice. I see signs there has been some new ones upstairs since his arrival, but then the signs stop and some mornings he is unusually calm and not hungry until lunch. Once I get the perimeter of my house enclosed with hardware wire he will be able to do some serious but safe night hunting as the area has a rat problem and there is rodents living under my house. This project is almost done and should be finished about the same time he gets his rabies vacination


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You might want to consider supplementing his diet with whole prey. You can buy assorted critters on line and you don't have to deal with the grinding and measuring out the required supplements.
Thanks for the suggestion. I did not know I could buy small dead animals online...That could be an option! It sounds like people are thinking his strange taste for raw flour might be something he needs nutritionally?