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My little Cornish Rex: the fabulous Tunsis

Tina Kinsley

Savannah Super Cat
I just hope Tisa doesn't think he's a snack when they meet. LOL. He's a tiny guy. 11 years old and just as lazy today as he was 11 years ago--he is the antithesis of a high energy cat. Also completely doglike in the way he follows me everywhere in the house!

He is incidentally named after Tunsis the driving cat on SNL: he drove back from Texas with me in 2001 and stood with his paws on the steering wheel for a huge portion of the trip. Luckily, we didn't crash like his namesake always did. :D


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Savannah Super Cat
Oh, I've never seen a Cornish Rex before! He's gorgeous! My friend has a Devon Rex, and her cat and yours look like they could be siblings!

Tina Kinsley

Savannah Super Cat
Thanks all! He's a doll. Truly a unique doglike personality. And his fur is super soft.

@Trish: I <3 Selkirk Rexes too! If I could have my crazy cat lady house, I'd have at least 2 Savannahs, one of every Rex (Cornish, Devon, and Selkirk) and at least one Sphynx. My friends tell me I will be "13 cat crazy" one of these days.... LOL.