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My Man Shy Cat Is Coming Around!



I Took this photo tonight And Almost cried As I Took it. Those of you who have read Chupa's Story know he was a abused rescue. For over a year he wouldn't go near my husband and would cringe when he would try to touch him. The last few days he has been sitting on his legs while my husband watches tv. Tonight He climbed in bed with us and A hour later I turned over for something and got this pic. I has been a year and One Month Our boy is coming around =)

Ps My Husband Would Shoot me If He knew I took this when he was sleeping! Haha
That is such a heart warming story :). It is great there are people like you and your husband that are willing to give the love, patience and attention required to help animals that ran into the wrong people open up and live a happy life !!!


Savannah Super Cat
I'm so happy for you! It's so heartwarming to hear such stories, you've made such a great impact on your kitty. Way to stick to it!


Staff member
What a difference a year and loving attentive patience makes. Bright blessings to you, Chupa, & your hubby. That is one sweet picture.