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My Savannah is peeing on the couch..ugh


Savannah Kitten

I have a year and a half Savannah I got since a baby he has been good, never peed on the couch until 5 months ago, and found he did have a uti and was given antibiotics. He was feeling a lot he always meows none stop I do play with him all the time even when he panting I stop playing with but he’ll keep meowing at everything. The other day he wanted to go in my closet he always loves going in there because of his toys so I took them out and I tapped his toy to the scratcher tree. But he was meowing and idk if he just got upset me for ignoring and we went to my couch and peed on it than later he went and used his litter box. It’s very annoying I hate the smell of pee and I’d love to figure why he’s doing this or is it just stress? I play with him a lot and I give attention he also sleeps with me all the times.
Can someone give me some helpful advice please.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Is he neutered, and at what age?

You need to do an incredibly thorough job of cleaning the urine. Anti Icky poo works great, and most other stuff doesn't work at all. If you're laundering any items use a cold water detergent such as Tide Cold Water liquid which has plenty of enzymes. You can add some Anti Icky Poo on top of it to get things clean and free from any urine that your cat will be able to smell. Don't use hot water to clean urine it's more likely to spread out the solid bacteria creating the odor, learned that one the hard way.

If you can go into more details about your home that would be helpful. Other neighbors animals at large, other pets or people in your household. It a townhouse/apartment or Condo, neighbors with pets? The more details, the better chance of getting to the bottom of things.


Site Supporter
Did the constant meowing start 5 months ago as well?

Did he stop the couch peeing after the antibiotics, and start again, or has he been doing it the entire time? You mentioned he used the box - does he ever pee in it or just poo?

Agree with both Anti Icky Poo and taking him back to the vet.


Staff member
Agree with all of the above. If his urine is smelly it is very possibly another (or incompletely treated) UTI - unless he's not neutered, in which case that is the reason for his behavior and he needs to be neutered asap.

As for the couch - your best bet would be to take it outside and completely soak the cushions and the frame (if covered with fabric) with Anti Icky Poo or Unique Distributors until it is dripping out the other side. Let dry completely and retreat the same.


Savannah Super Cat
Oh, this is a difficult situation. Definitely take back to the vet to make sure this isn't the issue.

I've had this similar situation with Loki. Six months in he decided he didn't want to use the cat box anymore for peeing. Long story short, he loves a Purina cat breeze box for peeing and will use the clay litter for number 2.

Either way, make sure he doesn't have another uti and then play around with different media such as pine, pellets, etc and multiple boxes to make sure that is not the issue.

PS.. One bed and couch thrown out in the process of learning. Don't give up!


Savannah Kitten
he's very vocal, he was taken to the vet with 2 weeks ago. and I tried to understand if there was anything bothering him from the vet, but the vet said he was clear didn't have uti, and she couldn't figure out why he could be peeing on the couch, I play with him, I started putting toys around for him when I'm not home feather toys, I just don't know maybe he doesn't like it when I'm not home and my brothers are. he usually only stays around me. I did get washing vacuum and washed all my couches last month than 2 weeks ago he goes and pees in the corner couch. I just don't want to have to go spend another 300-400 on the vet again to find out he's and maybe its stress that's making him pee on the couch. Renee funny thing my cats name is Loki too haha.


Savannah Kitten
and yes he is neutered, and he was neutered like 6-7 months I really tried to wait as long as possible for him to grow he has never marked his territory but ever since he got neutered I feel like this is when it started. the only spot he ever marked was his first bed I bought him and right after he soaked the hell out of it with pee I through it out right away.


Savannah Kitten
I do only have the one litter box should I get another one? I know the rule is 2 for the one cat in a house hold. I just get the litter from Costco, I do want to try changing my litter to pine, but he does pee and poo in the litter box.


Savannah Super Cat
Ha! Loki's apparently like peeing on couches :(

Definitely get another box and put a different type of litter in it. I really wish I would have done this sooner. Pine seems like a great choice.

Whenever something is not quite right for Loki he is very vocal too. We just moved and I don't think I will ever hear the end of it.

Are you using an enzyme cleaner for the couch? John' and Patti are spot on with the Anti Icky Poo. It helped me a lot.

I removed the cushion and cleaned the living crap out of the spot he kept peeing on. So gross. Replaced the inards as well. There was an accidental or two after the extra box and cleaning, but we are many months into wonderfulness :)