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My Trip to the Woods


Animal Communicator
Hey Ebryone, Zeddie here!

I hijacked my mama's compooter while she's watchin TV. We gots back from our bacation today. It was so much fun! No pesky itteh bitteh kittehs to bother us there!
My mama was away lots...she says she had ta go to workshops to learn how ta be a writer. I sink its more fun to be a kitteh, becuz you gets to sleep lots.
Me n my mama went on walks, but she drives me cwazy becuz she walks so fast! I just wanna play in da gwass n expore a bit. But she forced be to go to da fowest. I dunna like the fowest becuz der is lots ob scary aminals der. I liked chasin da birds though...I can chase dem, not like da ones at home!
I made so many new fwiends! Dey are writers, or learning how to write like my mama. Some eben came to my cabin just to bisit me! We hadda big scawy fing dat was hot and had owange but my mama wubed it a lot becuz it kepts our cabin toasty warm.

Now we is back, and so is Thor. He gots more annoying, and I want to kill him. Also, now I has to share mama wif a bajiwion odder aminals again. We wants to be back in our cabin wif a biew agin.


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Reincarnated cat Moderator
Sounds like you and Mama had fun Zeddie. I know she made you do things you didn't wanna do, but Humor her. She is just a person. Not A CAT like you. And will miss young Master Thor when he goes to his forever love him now. Please. You are looking so pretty Zeddie. Love you. :)


Staff member
Beautiful Zeddie, you look so happy and relaxed on your vacation. Your mama loves you very much and you are very special. She left all those other pesky animals at home and chose you for quality time.


Animal Communicator
My mama had us all snuggly in da cabin wif da owange stuffs. She was ascared Iz wuld burn miself but Iz is no stupid kitteh, and Iz noo it was hot.
My mama had lots ob fun meetin new peepl she says. A lot ob dem was cwazy like her! She says we shuldna come home becuz itz too loud and her job stinks. Iz fink it stinks too....peeyoo!! Dogz smell! Now Iz got a stinky itteh bitteh kitteh chasin me awound, n Iz hates it!
Iz hopes we gets to go on anudder bacation soon!


Reincarnated cat Moderator
It is always so nice to hear you tell your stories of the fun you had with Mama. Vacations are always nice.
Be nice to Thor. He will be a big CAT one day. He is just a baby now. You were a baby once...
Oh and Zeddie... I think dogs smell too ;)