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Savannah Super Cat
Tilly is my F5, nearly 2 ys old.
I took her to the vet after seeing her unwell,coughing,sneezing,sleeping lots.
They thought it could be allergy,but the antihistamine did not work.
I took her back the next day as she was getting worse. She had a fever as well so they thought she got cat flue and was put on antibiotics.
The blood tests show anaemia,jaundice, high white cells count,low red cells count.
They are now thinking about mycoplasma and changed her antibiotics and we are waiting for the results of the test.
Meanwhile she is at the vet,being monitored,and hydrated in intravenous. Her upper respiratory track still bad,but she is eating well.
So it is all very worrying!
Has anyone been through something similar?
:( Frances

Sue Armstrong

Site Supporter
At first I would think upper respiratory of some sort, but concerned over the blood tests. Best to wait unti further tests come back for definitive diagnosis. I am sure it is horribly worrisome, and waiting for answers is not always easy. At least she is eating, which is a good sign. Keep us posted as to her diagnosis and sending prayers your way!


Staff member
Frances, sorry to hear Tilly is so sick! I agree with Sue...please keep us updated on how she is doing...once the test results are known, we can chime in more...hang in there...sounds like Tilly is in good hands!


Savannah Super Cat
I will keep you updated on Monday.
How is Napoleon doing ?
It seems the history of onset disease is very similar...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I am so sorry to hear that Tilly is not doing well, and hope that the vet works it out soon.

I was momentarily confused as to why low RBC and jaundice would mean Mycoplasma as I was thinking Mycoplasma pneumoniae...but then I remembered that Hemobartonella is reclassified as Mycoplasma haemofelis.

I hope the test results come back soon and you have an answer and so know what treatment will be most effective.


Staff member
I have had to treat cats for mycoplasma before, and they have recovered completely. If the antibiotics don't seem to be helping though you might consider testing for PK Deficiency.


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you Patti.
I will tell the vet tomorrow.
Tilly is still there and has been given doxycycline.
She has a nasal blockage, they don't know what is ,her eyes are still producing tears discharge but clean.
So might have to do Xray of her head, as well, tomorrow.
Will keep you informed:sick:


Site Supporter
So sorry. That nasal blockage is worrisome. Keep us posted. We are all thinking of you and Tilly


Savannah Super Cat
So Tilly gone to emergency in Hatfield where my son drove us.
She was happy to see me for a short while.
High fever for the last 3days.
The antibiotics don't work , it seems to me.
Nasal blockage ,eyes watery, coughing and sneezing.
She does not look good at all.
I just hope it is not a brain tumour...?
Anyway they will redo all blood tests,tummy scan and brain scan if necessary.
Does not sound good to me but I am not a vet!
I ask for PK deficiency too.
Will know more tomorrow hopefully.
Distressing, poor little cat!