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Myself and Elsa's 8th Anniversary Today!

John Campbell

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It is really hard to believe how time flies.... I still can remember the day she came home for the first time (I can remember this day so fondly! 8 years ago Today:

Elsa is doing great, but as many of you remember she had a Hard Start Medically and they said she would not last the night and recommended putting her down!

Today, Elsa certainly showing the Doctors how wrong they were is striving today and stronger than ever before.

Resize of IMG_20210303_192534759.jpg Resize of IMG_20211003_081425297.jpg
Only way for someone to get Smacked on the Ankles is to sit on her STOOL!... She gives me a pass but no one else! Just ask my Niece!

Resize of IMG_20210802_170752138.jpg Resize of IMG_20210806_204253990.jpg Resize of IMG_20210906_174417141.jpg
Elsa has daily friends that come by to visit, not to mention a lot of Birds!

Resize of IMG_20211010_181050537.jpg
She sleeps with me every night (pretty much all night)

Resize of IMG_20220107_054554397.jpg
She loves her Cat Trees...

Elsa is doing great and having a great time.... I can't imagine having a Better cat... She has been the best... And I am glad I did not listen to the Doctors!

Happy Anniversary Elsa!


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Happy anniversary to you both, may you have many more happy years together. Whatever would we do without them in our lives. Wonderful photos and videos John.
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