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Nagi the 8 month old Savannah x Somali

Hi all,

This is our 8 month old savannah x somali Nagi.
Her mother was a lithe F4 silver savannah and her father was a large fluffy orange and white somali.
We thought about getting an F2 but I think we made the right choice testing the waters with her first.
I'd originally went to get a silver SBT but I have a weakness for calicos.
(ofc will update when we eventually move to a larger home and adopt our F2.)
She's quite a bit different but I can't imagine not having her as part of our home.
As of her last vet visit she is about 8lbs and her shoulder is around 11".
Her eyes are golden yellow with a growing green ring around the pupil. (It wasn't there until last month - weird.)
Her tail and white under hair are quite a bit fluffier than I'd expected, but she probably got that from her pops.
It actually made me worry about the length of her legs but her belly fur is just that fluffy.
The eyes on the back of her ears are super diluted and her coat pattern has the spots of her silver mother but she also has stripes and orange from her father.
The super contrasty black spots of the serval are also diluted as the somali fur, coming from the abyssinian is ticked and the spots only appear on the middle ticks of each hair. Interestingly among the silver parts, the base of half of the hairs is black and the base of the others is an almost white grey.
Some of the stripes or spots also transition to orange while in other areas the background area of her coat is orange and the pattern is black.
I think one of the only places she doesn't have ticked fur is on the back of her legs.

She seems very smart but also like her instincts overpower these smarts most of the time.
She's a very persistent kitten and it's hard to get her to stop doing something after she's started even after picking her up and moving her multiple times lol.
She's already figured out how to open our drawers to sleep in.
I don't think I've ever heard her hiss before though.
She's silent except for when she wants to eat or when she's sleepy and wants you to pet her.
Her meow is raspy but also kind of like a pigeon.
I've only heard the serval growl once when something was offending her on the other side of the front door.
She likes to hang out at the highest point in the apartment most of the time or running around knocking things over and pouncing on her sister.
Despite the energy and seeming very instinct driven she's very gentle and has only scratched me once or twice by accident as she was falling off the table.
She loves headbutts and when u scratch her head, sometimes her belly.
She doesn't use claws or bite very hard while playing with her sister, despite having sharper claws and bigger fangs.
When they sleep together, which is pretty much most of the day, she mostly has her paw on top of Suvi and grooms her as much as she does herself.
Which is also very often lol.
She wants to eat all the food she can smell which i thought might become a problem but she's content for now just watching from above the stove.
She likes to pretend she doesn't want attention but gets jealous if she watches us petting suvi for one too many hours lol.
I've accepted that she will never be a lap cat but I've learnt to love her as a lay next to you cat.
Her favourite toy is a mouse attached to a rope and stick. Maybe because it's the only thing she hasn't broken yet, but the rope is thinning...
She ripped the pom poms off of her little cat tree at 4 months, broke the litter box door, all the other toys and has been literally bouncing off the walls ever since.
Literally bouncing off the walls. I'll have to get a video of it one of these days.
I've accepted that she will never be a lap cat but I've learnt to love her as a lay next to you cat.

Sorry for the long ramble. Here are some pictures:

Baby Nagi
baby nagi.jpg

Her sister Suvi

nagisuvi.jpg nagisuvi2.png

She seems to be fine being held by my girlfriend.. but only if there's something to watch

+ Some fluffy tail
nagi tub.jpg

One more

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Agreed, Somalis are longhaired Abyssinians so generally come in the same coloration as an Abyssinian. How did this interesting breeding come Patti I am curious who the breeder was?
She and her sister are cute kittens <3


Site Supporter
Her eyes are golden yellow with a growing green ring around the pupil. (It wasn't there until last month - weird.)
All three of our SVs had eye color changes as they reached about a year of age. I’ve never seen that before, either, totally weird! Our F2 has lovely gold eyes with a dark green ring around the pupil. Her eyes were pure gold as a kitten.

She’s a lovely girl!