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Nail caps for kittens


Site Supporter
Any opinions or experience? Saw them on "My cat from hell" on AP this weekend and wondered if they would ease my hubby's anxiety about "kitty nails" and consequences since its been 18yrs since we had a new kitten.


Savannah Super Cat
We were going to get them but my bf found that clipping the nails was really simple and our kitty hasn't had much of a scratching problem at all. :)

a girl friend of mine used them on her cat for a long time and she said they were great!

Per Lausund

Staff member
Trimming claws is easy, I´d stick to that. Mind you, we tend to forget the SVs claws, though not the BGs!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Don't you have to clip the claws anyway to put the caps on them? It just stops them feeling sharp... but the claws still grow and need cutting, right?