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Nala is terrorizing my 2 adult cats

Dana Lasch

Savannah Adult
She isn't even 3 months old yet and she rarely shows anything that resembles fear.
She just about has my male cat wrapped around her paw, I think he likes her. He definately tolerates a lot more from her than my female cat. Nala will attack Twinkle (always playfully) but if Twinkle isn't in the mood, she will let Nala know, does that stop her, NO. She just gears up for another run at her, sometimes leaping into the air and wrapping both paws around her torso while grabbing a mouth full of fur. I feal sorry for Twinkle, she sometimes has trouble finding a place to escape. We have a 6 foot cat tree but Nala is so smart, she will sneak around the back and dash up to one level above and start swatting at the adult cats.

I assume they eventually get out of this severe hyperactivity stage, or do I need to give her ritilan? :roflmao:


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's something to consider before getting a Savannah kitten, how your resident cats will enjoy being pestered for wrestling and rough play 24/7.... as they are a very active kitten and they don't understand "no" and think it means "try harder". They think a cat running away is an invitation to chase... so the important thing probably for Twinkle is to make sure there are places she can nap that are a little more protected from high shelving and high cat trees can help a lot...but also cave-like cat beds too.

Although they do grow up some, a Savannah cat is an interactive cat breed and so you cannot expect them to be docile at a year old like most domestic cats... so Twinkle is in for a lot more activity for quite some time I'm afraid...


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Dana, Be glad it's playful. My youngest (15 months ) is serious about the chasing of my 3 yr old. When those 2 get into it, there is fur in the air. As well as yells and screams and hissin' and spittin'. ( mostly all out of the mouth of the 3 yr old. ) And they are BOTH Savannahs.


Eddies a ham!
Mojo is the ONLY one who can slow down Eddie! Eddie acts like Tigger is just joking & needs a little encouragement....:lol:. somewhere on here I posted Eddies playtimes...just to give the other cats a


Staff member
Unfortunately, although Nala may slow down somewhat over time, I think she will always be a bold and active kitten based on your description. Twinkle may or may not learn to tolerate Nala, if she doesn't she will either turn on her, or she will be intimidated into hiding. For the time being, you might want to separate Twinkle when there is no immediate supervision, a bedroom or bathroom, just so that she will have some peace... at least until they work things out between themselves.

Dana Lasch

Savannah Adult
Thanks for all the comments. Twinkle & Nala are working things out, I have even caught them napping together a couple of times. Twinkle still needs her alone time and in a 3 bedroom house, where two of the bedrooms are guest rooms, she usually manages to find quiet time when she really wants it but there are still times when Nala just will not stop, and I have to step in and either put Nala in her room (one of the spare rooms) or distract her long enough for Twinkle to hide.
There are other times when I swear Twinkle is teasing her on purpose. She will be sitting on the end table, she knows Nala is on the floor below and that she cannot resist a moving tail. Twinkle will start moving that tail back and forth, then, of course, Nala starts grabbing at it. About the 3rd grab, Twinkle will protest with a little hiss but she keeps moving that tail in front of her until they are off again chasing each other.