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Nala looks a little more like her Serval ancestors every week

Dana Lasch

Savannah Adult
My baby had surgery yesterday. I had real mixed feelings about taking away her ability to have kittens, but I know in the long run it is what is best for her and my other two cats. My adult cats have finally accepted her to the point where I can be gone overnight and not worry that when I get back, they will have hurt Nala. In fact the male accepted her right away, the female has been slower to get on board, but they are ok now, they even chase each other around the house at times. Truth is I probably didn't have to worry about Nala, she is one tough cookie. I have actually seen her flip my 5 year old cats who weigh twice as much as she does. IMG_4443.JPG nalasept16b.jpg nalasept16b.jpg


Staff member
Nala is a gorgeous girl! And I promise you, she will be a much nicer girl without all those hormones making her crazy and territorial, which will make the other cats happy as well :up:


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Dana, I know that feeling of "regret" when they are altered. But it is better. She is a darling girl, and it is better she has no unfulfilled drives.


Site Supporter
Pretty girl. Being altered is better for her if she is not a breeding cat. No heat cycle! Woo hoo!