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Nasal problems

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Black beauty should have been named Darth Vader she sounds just like him with her breathing. We thought that she was very sick so to the Vet she went. Turns out she is not sick at all and that her nasal cavity is not right. So they want to wait and see what happens down the line as she grows more. Then they will decide what to do. So for now she will have a runny nose and left eye and sneeze a lot and sound like Darth Vader all the time. Poor girl otherwise she is in perfect health and a ball of energy.


Staff member
Wow, Krt, that is a shame...does she still eat well? usually if a cat cannot smell well, they don't eat well...

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Her eating habits are not effected in anyway she eats like a dog and plays just as hard.She loves pee's,carrots and just loves what ever I am having for dinner. She eats more then two of my cats combined. She had all the tests done and checks out fine and none of the other five kitties have not gotten sick. The vet scoped the nasal cavity while under and said that she had developed differently and wants to wait to see what happens when she gets older and if it still persists then they will operate on it to fix the problem. When I first met Black beauty at 12 weeks she looked very sick and they tried to get her better and had problems. It would come and go and she was separated from all other cats at 12 weeks until I got four months or so later. So I knew what I was getting into with her at the start. So we just have to live with Darth Vader for a short time and she will eventually get fixed up or grow out of it. I call her toothless the dragon when I hand feed her chicken at bed time.