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Nature's Premium


Just thought I'd share what I'm feeding Selena. Any thoughts on how this brand looks? It's local so I thought I would give it a shot. She's tried the Llamma and Beef so far, might try the elk next week. Also surprisingly she enjoys the meaty bones too (with supervision of course)

We started raw a couple of weeks ago and it is going great. She's been eating a lot more now which I am really happy about since she's quite thin.

I'm hoping this sudden appetite will turn into a little growth spurt if that's even possible at this point.


Staff member
This looks fine as long as you are adding some sort of a supplement such as Mazuri, Missing Link, etc. - if nothing else then taurine which is an essential ingredient necessary for a cat's development and health that is often left out of 'generic' raw products made for both dogs and cats.