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Need Healing Thoughts!


Animal Communicator
Its been a fantastic day here....Zeddie has been puking since yesterday (normal BMs and eating fine), and my beautiful Pionus parrot was looking pretty bad this morning. Poofed up, lethargic, eating fine but looking pretty sick. He perked up a bit in the afternoon, but went downhill really fast. By 5:30 I was pretty panicky, so I found the only exotic vet that does emerg and took him there.

They are thinking he could have cancer or kidney failure, judging by his BMs and increase in drinking. He is there until Tuesday, but because tomorrow is Family Day, no testing can be done until Tuesday. It is costing a not so small fortune...we could sure use all the healing thoughts anyone can spare.


Savannah Super Cat
Awww, Kristin! I am so sorry you are dealing with this! Positive thoughts for your bird, Zeddie AND you. Keep me informed on what's going on, I will be thinking about you!


Site Supporter
Very sorry to hear this Kristen, my thoughts are with you and I hope your parrot recovers soon.


Animal Communicator
Luckily the vets seem extremely competent. When my rabbit was sick, I left the vet feeling pretty uncertain with the exam that he did.

With my parrot, the exam was thorough, and the vet went over options with us. He showed us where Oliver would be staying, and introduced us to the vet and vet tech that will be taking care of him tonight and tomorrow. They told us we can call for an update anytime, and can come visit him tomorrow.

I am praying this is something medication will help, and Oliver will be home with his best buddy Benny soon.


Site Supporter
Kristin I am so very sorry. I will be thinking about you and your baby tonight. I really hope it isn't catastrophic.


:( I am so sorry to hear this. Hoping he will perk up and start to get better soon.


Staff member
Hugs and prayers coming your way for Zeddie and Oliver - I hope they both recover completely!