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Need Help With Diet

I have 3 Savannahs F2,F4, and F5. I feed them raw chicken twice a day and I leave Royal Canin dry food out all day for them.
Is this a good diet for them? Someone at Petco told me that Royal Canin is not as good as people think because it has chicken by-product, corn gluten, and wheat glueten.


Savannah Super Cat

My Romeo - savannha loves Rabbit and rad cat
Dry food gives him diarrhea over and over again.
Even young again - that have no carbohydrate version gave him diarrhea . Rad Cat chicken seem to form the stool well. He is not interested in Feline s Pride chicken version . The home made breeder chicken food is not as yummy to him nor the Bengal Toby playmate .
Any experience with Young Again cat food ?
Raw is the best.....
I have not tried ZuPeem can feline diet food .
Any experience out there