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Need opinions. Savannah or tabby?

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
image.jpg This is Jake. He is one of five cats that all own a family I pet sit for! He is awesome and pretty big. I've always loved his face and with me new research am wondering if he may be a savannah?

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
Ah man! It would be amazing if he was! He wandered up to the family's house one day as a adolescent and was supposedly feral? He is the sweetest of the 5 in their home. He greets me with head butts so hard he's hurt me before! Even if I go 6 months between pet sitting jobs for them they always seem to remember me. I've always thought his face reminded me of a mountain lion. He's a pretty cool cat!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Pixiebobs can be super-cool... I've been tempted to have one in the past. They tend to also sometimes get very large but also they are the only breed TICA allows in polydactyl form (I think). Their deepset eyes can look so intense.

I just found out the person with a really really nice Pixiebob is coming to the Monterey show next weekend (weekend after next) so am excited to see her cats... maybe one day. Pixiebobs seem to have the patient personality to deal very well with Savannahs too... I know that Special Agent Cats have both Savannahs and Pixiebobs and they say they do really great together :)

Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
!! Special Agent Cat's pixiebobs are amazing...just looked at their website. However, I can never get passed the bob tail...i know thats a problem if I were to own one.