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Need to Rehome Bonded Pair, F4 Savannah and Bengal


Savannah Super Cat
Charlottesville, VA
I am looking to re-home my bonded pair……my 6 year old male F-4 Savannah and my six year old male Silver Bengal. Both are neutered and microchipped. Both are in good health, with the exception that Neo has developed a chicken allergy recently. They have been raised with dogs as well, and currently live with my Italian Greyhound. All get along wonderfully.
Let me tell you about the situation. I got Neo, my Savannah when he was 6 weeks old in July, 2016. Neo was best friends with my Chocolate Lab, who passed away when Neo was about 7 months old. He became very depressed. The Vets suggested to get him a kitty. I searched to find a kitten that would be able to keep up with a Savannah. So, along came Benny Bengal. They are 5 months apart. They became best buddies from the get go. Neo was no longer depressed!
In 2017, I began to have medical issues and surgery and by 2018, I was forced to retire on Disability. I continued to face medical issues and additional surgery. My income was drastically reduced and this has caused financial issues for me. I have struggled to keep up, but it has become too difficult. I cannot give them what they need. I never expected this would happen to me. I was healthy and financially stable when I got them.
Now, about the boys. They are both extremely affectionate, loving, playful and cuddly. Neo is a velcro cat! He will occasionally nip if he doesn’t feel like being bothered at the time. Benny is also a big cuddler, but does not like to be picked up. Neo is 19 lbs, Benny 14 lbs. However, they have just become more than I can handle. I cannot give them the attention they require and deserve. When they are bored, they start acting out….jumping everywhere, knocking things over, howling, etc. Neo will steal food off of the counters if I look away for a second, and I can’t chase him. So, they can be mischievious and a little destructive. They have cat trees, but they still scratch on furniture. I cannot let them sleep in my bedroom at night because they are up and down, knocking things off of my dresser and nightstand, including lamps, etc. I have terrible insomnia as it is! They don’t like being put out of my bedroom, so they go to town in the rest of the house. And thus, the howling which drives me crazy, I admit, especially at the crack of dawn.
Cleaning the litter boxes has become too difficult for me as well, as I have difficulty bending, carrying, etc. They have no litter box issues. They have never sprayed or marked. However, Neo is a vertical urinator. He stands up to urinate most of the time, so I have had to use high sided industrial storage containers as litter boxes (which they love… roomy!)
I love them both very much, but between finances and my medical issues, I just don’t have the strength or the stamina for them. They are too much for me. I think they deserve much more than I am able to give at this point.
I want them to be kept together and to go to someone with Savannah experience & knowledge, where they will be treasured, loved and spoiled.
I am not taking this rehoming lightly, my heart is broken just writing this. Serious inquiries only. Please PM me if interested or call 434-960-2521 and leave a message.
I am in Virginia.


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Site Supporter
I'm sorry that you are having to part with your boys, it's clear to see that this is not a decision you have made lightly, and it's evident that you love them dearly. What a heartbreaking situation to be faced with. I really hope someone suitable will come along and adopt the boys. Any animal owner/ lover knows, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can happen at any time when you least expect it. Sometimes turning your life upside down. Have you contacted Savannah Cat Rescue to see if they can support you in the rehoming process.
I wish you well and all the best in Finding Neo and Benny a new home. Please keep us posted.