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needing advise

I have been researching Savannah's for a few months now and I think I want one. I'm here to ask the experts. I really like the size more so than the spotted pattern. I'm a 6' 8" guy and I'm not a dog person. The idea of a huge cat with my rediculous height (and personality, so I'm told) would be awesome. I have a ton of questions and Will ask them as I go but I don't want to get ahead of myself and not think this thru entirely.
So the first question is are these cats more of an indoor cat? I have my own business and I'm out in the shop all day. I was thinking I could use a "bug screen" in the door openings to keep the cat indoors. Or I am able to put up a 18' X 70' enclosure. I was thinking tree branches and places to hide in and areas to crawl up on. If I was to do something like this should the roof be sreened in or closed in? If I do this I want it right.
My last "baby" Reggina ( domestic long hair) got out and into the street. I have been a cat lover for 20 years and have had 6 cats in that time. I want to be sure I can provide the best life for it that I can.

Oh sorry, my name I Brian But friends call me OC


Staff member
Hi OC,

Welcome to the forum! You have definitely come to the right place for advice ;)

The savannah should not be allowed to roam free outside and many people keep them indoors, but I walk mine on leashes and am putting an enclosure on my deck tomorrow so they have more outside time.

I think your enclosure sounds awesome!!!!

They are very high energy and need to be played with. I spend about 30-45 min in the morning and at night and during the day when I can.

So ask away...I'm sure others will have many more ideas/opinions for you.


Staff member
Hi OC, first of all, if you are looking for a 'huge' cat you should probably focus on getting an F1 male (father is a Serval) because any further generations from the Serval and you will most likely just be getting a normal or large sized domestic cat. There are some larger than average F2s, and even an occasional F3, but these are more likely the exception rather than the norm. If you are shopping for an F1 you be prepared to spend a minimum of $5000.

Savannahs of all generations are very intelligent, inquisitive, and active animals. They should never be allowed outdoors unless in an enclosure or on a leash, otherwise you may see your investment disappear before your eyes. However it is important to keep them entertained, otherwise they will find their own form of entertainment, which might not meet with your approval. The enclosure you are describing sounds wonderful. You should definitely plan on it having a covered roof. Savannahs, like their Serval ancestors tend to be great jumpers and climbers. You might also want to consider including a water fountain as many Savannahs love to play in water.

One more thing - if you are focusing on an early generation Savannah (F1-F4) be sure that they are legal where you live. Several states have laws that make hybrid ownership illegal, many others have restrictions on the generations that can be owned. Even if they are legal in your state there are sometimes county and/or city laws that outlaw them, and even some HOAs. So please be sure to research the legalities of owning a hybrid cat where you live before committing to purchasing one.

Good luck with your search for the perfect Savannah! I'm sure you'll find lots more information as you browse through this forum :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Hi OC, welcome!

I think Paige and Patti have covered it. Size is not a guarantee although many websites do make it seem like all Savannahs are humongous creatures. Best way to maximize your chances is as Patti says to look for an F1 male, I will say I have an F1 female that is only 11 lbs although she likely looks larger than most 11lb cats as she is very leggy and lean. But the largest are F2s...the world's tallest cat is an F2 SV male, but then his siblings have not been as huge all the time. He does have a younger brother I hear that might challenge him for the title though. But I know someone that had littermates, the male was a hulking 30+lbs of F2 male and his sister was 9lbs soaking wet! And his older brother has never weighed more than 13lbs in his life (he's my first Savannah).

What makes Savannahs cool is beyond their size, it is their outsized personalities that get us all obsessed with the breed :)

They're very interactive, intelligent and enthusiastic. It makes for a fun pet as long as you want that kind of trouble.


Staff member
A few more points to add about F1s. If you go that route, make sure you buy from a breeder who has an exceptional reputation for socializing them. And from what owners' here have said, they bond so closely with their person/people you have to take that into consideration if you like to go on vacations or travel away from home for extended periods and need someone to cat sit.

Trust us when we say they have HUGE personalities -- the tenacity of a terrier, boldness and strength of a pit bull, and the cunning of a velociraptor -- so even F2s & F3s are going to appear bigger regardless of physical size.


Savannah Super Cat
Savannah's can jump high and climb high in a split second. If you have an enclosure, it definitely needs a roof of some type. I live in Florida and our in ground pool has a screen enclosure over it. Tink ( an F6 female, 9 lbs) has been seen hanging upside down on the top screen. She has also jumped so fast and with such power that she has taken the screen out. Both times this has happened, she immediately walked around the house and walked in the garage and meowed at my husband. He then let her back in, blocked the cat door so that she could not get out again and proceeded to replace the screen. Sue